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Oncology Massage

Our Oncology Massage is a compassionate approach to Massage Therapy. Our specially trained Massage Therapists will customize your massage to help cancer survivors heal physically, emotionally and spiritually and provide an overall sense of well-being. Oncology Massage Therapy promotes greater health and can help the body function more effectively. A Doctor's note is required prior to massage if the following conditions apply; diagnosed with and/or currently receiving or have received in the last 6 months chemo/radiation therapy and/or lymph nodes have been removed in the past 12 months. We will only perform a light touch massage to the side where lymph nodes were removed. Oncology Massage Therapy is available only at a limited number of Hand & Stone spas. Call spa for availability and details and to book your service.


Reflexology specifically targets points on the hands and the feet that correspond to other parts of the body. Stretching and applying pressure on reflex areas will release endorphins throughout the entire body reducing stress and return the body to balance. Call our spa for availability and details to book your service.

Reiki / Tui NA

Tui Na (twee-nah) is an orthopedic massage technique used in mainstream Chinese healthcare to rehabilitate muscles and joints as well as to prepare the body for Acupuncture. Tui Na is intensely relaxing, similar to deep tissue massage. Patients often leave the treatment feeling focused and energized. Call our spa for availability and details to book your service.

Reiki (ray-key) is an energy-based healing technique. When the practitioner places her hands over the area of injury, the Patient feels a restorative warmth and a sense of wellbeing. Reiki is deeply relaxing and complements Acupuncture in treating any physical, emotional or spiritual ailment. Call our spa for availability and details to book your service.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release bodywork is a gentle, hands-on form of stretching that evaluates and treats the fascial connective tissue system, which can become restricted due to overuse, inactivity, trauma, or infection, often resulting in pain and muscle tension. The function of fascia is varied, but it generally acts as a shock absorber. It creates tissue spaces and plays an important role in support, protection, separation, cellular respiration, elimination, metabolism, fluid and, lymphatic flow. It is a major area of inflammatory processes and will often change prior to chronic tissue congestion. Dysfunction in these tissues can have far-reaching effects.

The therapist applies gentle pressure into the direction of the restriction by following the motion of the tissue, barrier after barrier, with sustained pressure that supports the release. This process relieves restrictions throughout the body, promoting strength, flexibility, full range of motion, aligned posture, and fluid movement. Call our spa for availability and details to book your service.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is one of the gentler yet powerful therapies. William Sutherland, an osteopathic practitioner in the early 1900's, discovered that gentle manipulations and adjustments at the sutures of the cranium, sacrum, and tailbone released tension from the membranes of the entire system, allowing the body to self-correct. This modality uses gentle, fluid movements of the bones and tissues of the head, thorax, and hips to enhance the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. Imbalances are corrected in the central nervous system between the cranium and the sacrum, resetting the body's natural healing potential. Craniosacral work can be done with the client clothed or unclothed.

The benefits of treatment include improvement of nervous system function, reduction of stress, deep muscular relaxation, support of the immune system, and overall enhancement of health. A greater sense of calm, clarity, and connectedness are often experienced after a craniosacral session. Call our spa for availability and details to book your service.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy aims to correct imbalances between the nervous system and musculoskeletal systems through highly irritated trigger points. By applying specific and direct point pressure to the body's fascia (connective tissue) NMT helps release acute or chronically contracted muscles and tendons and return them to a relaxed state.

NMT techniques include the application of static pressure to the trigger points of the body. This pressure helps manipulate the soft tissue (muscles, tendons, fascia) in order to restore balance to the central nervous system. Call our spa for availability and details to book your service.

Cold Stone Face Massage

Cold Stone Face Massage refresh your senses! Hot towels are placed on the face to stimulate circulation and then cold stones are used to reduce inflammation. Lavender essential oil is added to help relieve your stress. An excellent treatment for sinus, headache and TMJ problems. Cold Stone Face Massage can be an enhancement to your Massage or as a 30-minute service. Call our spa for availability and details to book your service.

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